Dim Sum Diaries
In my years of reading romances, my fervent interest in some authors have waned because they went off on some odd tangent writing wise, and they were no longer automatic buys for me. Sandra Brown, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Julia Quinn are a few. The only one for me who has stood the test of time is the ever-fabulous Lisa Kleypas (automatic amazon pre-order overnight shipping baby).

So it was a bit of a pleasant surprise when I recently saw this new book promo video for Julia Quinn's upcoming release.

While a bit cheesy and with the terrible Brit accent, it's actually a pretty innovative and creative attempt to promote her book, even though many people think the quality of her writing has diminished in recent years. I wonder sometimes if you are under grueling pressure to churn out quality, top-selling material year after year, if that wears on a writer...and sometimes the writing suffers.

Still, I'll probably buy the book when it comes out because. Nothing like a completely engaging story to while away an afternoon. Hopefully, none of the protagonists will run away from each other as a lame crutch to soup up the ending, no love scenes where all they do is repeat each other's name endlessly...

"Oh John!" an excited whisper.

"Oh Mary!" Reverently as he takes her dainties off.

"Oh John," High pitched squeal, cuz he touched her THERE.

"OH MARY," He growls manfully as he starts getting into it.

"John!!!!" She cannot believe this is happening to her, doing the nasty for the first time and of course she is in love with him. 2 seconds later, she comes.

"MARRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" He's done, and it shows he's emotionally vulnerable for this second, but later is going to be a total asshole to her and she's going to take it like a bitch. Get ready for one of them to run away to some remote estate because one of them has a stick up their butt.

Gah I'm totally being bitchy right now, its probably PMS, anyways. In the meantime check out this latest video from Taylor Swift, pretty cool.