Dim Sum Diaries

Well here is a picture of the redecorated bathroom. I tried to go for casual, elegant and soft and romantic. And a bit french. And a bit Restoration Hardware. And a bit yeah. This cam pic doesn't do it justice really, but I had fun doing it.

Oh and I just called the temp service and put myself on availability for short term work. Money = good, and this is honestly a big step for me since the whole disaster that was last year.

Hmm again been awhile since I've posted. Been focused on domestic matters mostly recently (and avoiding the job searching thing, much to Hubby's horror). The great news is that Son (5) has learned to ride a bike without any training wheels!! And on the first try!! He was all crying and unsure at first, but once he got the hang of it it was like buttah!! Son thought it was very hilarious that he inherited his athleticism from his father's side. Apparently, my side sucks for physical stuff cuz I didn't learn how to ride a bike until age 9 (took me two weeks) and my younger sister didn't learn till age 14.

Hubby's wonderful birthday present to me (oh gawd I'm 34) was painting our bathroom in this beautiful sage green. I've done some redecorating on it and maybe I'll post some pics of it when its completely done. I picked these fabulous curtains up from Resto, but they were too long (apparently I didn't measure the window before I ordered them). Mother-in-law has generously offered to hem them, but so far has not done so.

"I have to be in the mood," she told me.

I wonder if I need to take her to dinner and a movie first.

Oh yeah, and since I've turned 34 and am only 6 years away from the onset of menopause and shrinking, I've decided to become a crotchety old lady and like only certain people. The following is a list of people I hate:

Lesbian Chrisitan
Black Hmong
TiVo List Pauser
NPR Listener
Mahjong Enthusiast
Soccer Mom

and the list goes on and on... ;)