Dim Sum Diaries
Went to the dentist today to have a minor cavity filled, and I'm so happy that I finally found a NORMAL one who doesn't hires psychotic hygenists who put me off from going to the dentist for 4 years. It's only after hearing the horror stories of Mum and Dad's and Sister's recent dental work that motivated me to go back. So after kind dentist jabbed a 2 foot needle (this could be a slight exaggeration) into my gum to numb it, had cavity fixed then proceeded to feel nauseated for the rest of the day, along w/ entire side of right mouth numbed, drooling and me slurring all my words when I got back to work.

Then Hubby decided to take a day off and vanish with the kids for "Day O Tennis", leaving his cell phone in the car and me calling him 50 bijillion times. Finally at 5 pm he calls (I'm driving through a canyon...this call could be dropped..........). Kids have been at it hard all day and they are exhausted though apparently they had fun. Son then proceeds to vomit all over the floor when he gets home, Daughter has a bad headache and Hubby is walking with a suspicious limp.

Have been complaining to B the Boss that flow of work is slowing to a trickle. So then today, two huge projects that are immediately due fall into my lap, one a rather high profile one...and I curse B the Boss for listening to me. ARrghh this is one of those days.......