Dim Sum Diaries
Now I'm not sure what I should do about the aforementioned dentist situation. I rather like the dentist, but the hygenist is a little wacky. Perhaps in retrospect, I should have sprang out of my chair and pointed my finger at her and said, "BEE-YOTCH, don't be disrespecting my people!!!!" But then again she had that sharp hooky thing she was cleaning my teeth with. Not advisable to go ballistic when she had that in her hand and poking around in my mouth.

I'm thinking I should write a letter to the dentist and explain the situation. Not so much that Gigi made the Asian comments, but it was actually a stream of various inappropriate comments...

We moved a piano this past weekend (actually Hubby moved it). My parents gave me their old piano so Daughter could take piano lessons. Its in the living room now and it has made us DIY mad! I bought a couple of paint samples from Restoration Hardware. The cafe creme color, which is an off-white with a barely hint of brown is gorgeous. We used the whole quarter-pint sample painting the wall and it is really pretty. I was able to get the Pottery Barn Design Library, Living Rooms book for a cheapo price at Sam's Club, so it has some pretty neat design ideas. That is the cool thing about watching endless hours of Changing Rooms. It gives you the confidence to try to do things yourself. First project: paint the room. Second project: design a windowseat bench (Hubby to build 3 boxes, cover them in fabric tbd and get a long foam cushion made, upholstered in same fabric, put many pillows in a deep red/burgundy silk and other colors). Oh yeah, and curtains. I'm so excited!