Dim Sum Diaries
I realized that I have become a more visual person, that is, more visually stimulated by visual stimulation (did that even make sense?). This could be one of several reasons.... (1) I'm getting older, and old people are more visual, (2) All the people I work with are guys and since guys are obviously more visual beings (porn anyone?), this is rubbing off on me (bad pun I know), (3) I'm getting old or (4) Doing more graphic design work has forced me to look at colors, shapes, lines and stuff in a whole new light thus the resulting shift.

So I finally finished putting together the art montage thingy for the family room wall, I'll take pictures of it tomorrow and post it on here. A big thanks to Hubby, after working all day, was met with "Oh honey I love you so much can you hang these 6 prints and 3 oversized mirrors perfectly on the wall now please) when he got home from work today. And he really delivered, I'm very pleased with the result. Hopefully my camera skills will do justice to its awesomeness.

Meanwhile, in the quest to expose my dear readers to more mid-century ephemera, just found a lovely book called This is London by Miroslav Sasek (via) and he has some lovely illustrations!

Just ordered it from amazon.

And in other news, here are some lovely etsy finds I've purchased recently:

A lovely art deco camera from re*kindle.

Beautiful earrings from leavesofglass.

Will post more later!!!