Dim Sum Diaries
It was with some trepidation that I went back to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday. After a certain fiasco occured, I was going to try a new dentist, but it just seemed like too much trouble. And with my penchant for severing relationships with people that piss me off (and it'd been a year since my last cleaning and with my gums tending to be calculus factories, which is hella not good), I decided to try to stay with Dr. N. So I went back, and I did catch a glimpse of HER, but they put me in with a cheerful hygenist who was cool, so it turned out to be uneventful.

Now off to the doc on Friday for a physical. :p

Got a letter from Daughter's elementary school yesterday. Because of a dearth of 3rd graders and an overabundance of 2nd graders, they want to combine one class into 2nd/3rd grade. Daughter's piano teacher alerted me first (I hadn't yet read the letter), as I picked Daughter up from her lesson. She was adamantly against her daughter Julianna going. I then rushed home, read the letter, called my mom in a panic (who is a former grade school teacher) and asked for her opinion. Mom advised me to talk to the teacher and principal first. Daughter would be an ideal candidate academically, but depending on the logistics of the class, for example, female to male ratio (too many 3rd grade boys = bad), number of 2nd v. 3rd graders, who the teacher is, etc. etc. etc. Its like...this decision we make will AFFECT THE ENTIRE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was a bit stressed out. Talked to teacher today, and then to principal. Prin was standing in the middle of the parking lot/street and directing traffic, so I had to wave my arms like a mad woman to get his attention then talk very loudly over the crowd of kids and cars cruising by. He was very reasurring that the kids would be handpicked for academic and social maturity, so maybe its a good thing. Have to talk it over tonight so see what happens.

I did get some writing today, finally. One whole hour. So thats not too bad. With the kids now in school, I'm hoping things will finally settle down a bit and I can have a quiet, comfortable routine. Of course you know now that I've said that, the opposite will happen. :p