Dim Sum Diaries
My brain is not here today, so am thus quite useless at blogging.

One of Hubby's coworkers, Sam, sent me some lovely dim sum pics and I thought I'd share them with you.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of dim sum, here is a handy definition.

In Cantonese, Dim Sum means "the heart's delight" or "touch the heart." They are also know as Yam Cha. Dim Sum is Cantonese cuisine that comes mainly in the form of steamed and fried dumplings containing a wide array of fillings. They are usually served in tiers of bamboo steamers or small to medium-sized plates (so that many different varieties can be sampled) or they are served like "dessert carts". That is a cart filled with several different types for people to pick and choose from. Long before the Spanish created tapas and the Americans discovered finger foods, the southern Chinese were gathering for yum cha (tea) and sampling savory morsels known as dim sum.

That's right baby, the race of apparently eyelash-less peeps kick ass! ;)

The picture is of little dishes of chicken feet (yum), ha gau (which is a shrimp dumpling with translucent rice-flour skin) and siu mai (steamed pork-filled wonton wrappers). Damn, now I'm hungry for some.