Dim Sum Diaries
What is the advantage of working next to an organic market? You get a kick ass supply of organic beauty products to choose from!!! Woo hoo! Although I draw the line at organic children's bandaids. :p

I usually don't wear makeup. Its actually quite a proud tradition for the women on my Mom's side to be au naturale. My Aunt G is the proudest of this. "Waxing? Pfffffft!" She would say. I don't know if its a Chinese thing or what.

But time marches on...and eventually...it marches across your face. So I succumbed (DAMN YOU VANITY) and now try to do at least a little beauty routine. Blindly tried to put on makeup at 4 am this morning. Then whilst in the restroom at work, freaked out because I couldn't figure out if the bags under my eyes (so big they could carry a week's worth of grocery home) were A) the result of me not getting enough sleep or B) the result of me being so horrible at putting makeup on half asleep in the middle of the night.

Or it could be the fact that I am going to turn 40 (in eight years).

Concealer is my new best friend. Sigh.