Dim Sum Diaries
Well as lovely as twitter is, it is hard to fit all of my thoughts into a single 140 character spam, so some blogging will commence from here on out. What's going on these days? Fitness crap. Losing weight. I am so sick of being slightly overweight (though you couldn't really tell, my slim wrists make me seem more slender then I am, a gift from my mom's genes). I'd mention I'd tried Weight Watchers Online a few years back and did have success with it losing the 20-ish lbs (a girl must always be vague about these things), I got sick of entering ABSOLUTELY everything I ate blah blah and when I reached a milestone weight loss, you know how I was rewarded by WW? The online thingy said I had to EAT LESS to lose more weight!!! I was so frustrated by that, so I only intermittently used the WW online site from then on, and because of some meds I take, I have a tendency to gain weight easily. THAT'S RIGHT TMI I'M LETTING IT ALL HANG OUT BABY.

Well, I kinda gained some of it back and looking at my slightly poochy belly, I got sick and tired of it. I want to lose the weight and look GOOD. For who besides Hubby and the kids, since I am at home by myself all day, let's just say for my doctor then, who won't nicely bitch me out the next time I see him for a yearly physical.

Soooooo, since my favorite workout DVD is 30 Day Shred, I figured I'd use the Jillian Michaels online system to see what happens. WW seems to focus more on the food portion of the diet, and I wanted something that focused more on fitness too. So...since JM is the fitness guru on tv, etc etc etc.

Now of course I have to make comments about the differences between the user interfaces of WW v. JM. WW online is flash based, very user friendly and elegant to use. The tracker is a standalone window with tabs for activity, food, etc. JM is a lot of link clinking, and though it takes some time to figure out (and less user friendly, interface is a bit clunkier), but so far, JM has me more excited because her videos are easy to integrate into the whole experience (circuit training, circuit training and more circuit training), there is a fitness diary where you can record your thoughts, menu suggestions based on your oxidation body type etc etc etc. JM has the fitness emphasis that I'm looking for, so it's pretty cool so far.

I set a goal for myself...to lose 10 lbs by Thanksgiving (so I can gain it all back on T-day of course!!), heh we'll see how that goes. I stopped playing WoW, so now my "thing" is working out and counting calories. I just bought a food scale and luckily I had the heart rate monitor already to help speed things along.

***Moment of Bitching

God I hate losing weight it's a whole bloody lifestyle change, I can't eat what I want...I mean seriously see the previous post...DOESN'T INA GARTNER LOOK HAPPY???? and JM looks...smug...BECAUSE SHE HAS A DAMN FINE BOD....would I rather be happy and smug? Depends on the time of the month I guess

***End moment of bitching

So dear readers, you are taking this journey with me and I will let you know how things go...so I have this, work is slow, kids who are growing up too fast on me (and learning to deal with them, did you know they don't consider themselves babies anymore) and a husband with a hernia who will need surgery soon.

So...fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!