Dim Sum Diaries
It's come down this ladies and gentlemen. I have two little angels/devils (depending on how you look at them) perched on my shoulder. Both whispering into my ear, telling me contrary things...how can this be???? Yes, that's right I'm talking about these two:

That's right, it is Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, whispering softly to use just a bit more butter in that dish. She will be the guiding light of my Thanksgiving menu this year, so she's quite the contender.

On the other hand, I JUST JOINED Jillian Michaels online losey weight thingy because I love her DVDs and even though she is screaming and yelling at me, it's probably because she wants me to lose the pregnancy fat that I've had for 9 years now fat ass.


Stay tuned, folks.