Dim Sum Diaries
A big hallooooo from me here. Things are going a lot better here since I last posted, dude it kinda feels weird blogging again, it's been so long. Suffice to say that Daughter has fully recovered from her concussion, and is now starting to bloom into that next stage (PUBERTY ZOMG)...which involves me being a lot more involved with her and her life, and also trying to spend time with Son, and keeping the house clean and on top of work etc etc etc.

So yes it's pretty busy.

I recently read the Julie and Julia book by Julie Powell, and watched the movie. I totally loved it all so much, I went out and bought the actual Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. And I actually tried to cook the Boeuf Bourguignon. Did I mention that French cooking in general is fairly labor intensive? In the age of nukeable dinners etc etc, the whole prep time just to put the beef into the oven took an hour. First I had to towel pat the meat to make sure it was dry (for not dry meat does not brown evenly, notes Julia), and browning it in ridiculous amounts of butter and olive oil. After the main part was done, I was supposed to get these small sized onions and brown them separately with butter (ZOMG MORE WORK), then pop them into the oven to braise for an additional 45-50 minutes in a pool of herbs and beef stock. 3 hours later, I put the whole thing together and it was quite good...but omg THE ONIONS WERE DIVINE. Melt in your mouth like honey DIVINE. Now I know why she wanted me to put 18-24 of them in there (I only put in like 12). All I can say is YUMMO. I will try other recipes eventually, but I wanted to make the BB for Xmas and this was a test run. Did I mention I loved the onions?

I will also use less wine (I threw in the whole bottle) and cook it for a shorter amount of time...maybe 1.5 hours instead of the 2.5-3 she recommends. We were only able to finish half of it the first night and we didn't eat the last of it till a few days later and let me say that BB is definitely better everything has steeped and soaked and marinated for 3 more days.


In other news, I tend to twitter more then I blog now, so if you are really desperate to keep up w/ my ramblings, use this feed...



Anyways, that's all for now, I'll write more later.