Dim Sum Diaries
I was supposed to visit my parents in LA this weekend, but major stress from a project at work prompted a panicked call to Mum, and we agreed to meet for dinner in the OC (Orange County) instead. It is the median distance my parents' house and mine, so I was glad they agreed to come. I miss them and I wanted to do a pre-Mom's day celebration with them. Dad has just retired after 24 years at the same company. He'd been doing the rounds with the farewell dinners/luncheons...and seeing him tonight...he seemed sad. And tired. I guess after a major life change such as retirement, one is bound to be a little sad. Mom was worried about him of course, "He's got ants in his pants, he can't sit still...work was his life...now what is he going to do for retirement?" She's afraid of a steady decline if he doesn't keep himself busy...and of course me being my mother's child, took this worry and immediately made it my own.

Working through this in my mind...first attempt to compliment him...

"Hey, Dad you look great! Have you lost weight?" I ask chattily.

"Uh...no...I don't think so," says he.

"Oh...well your pallor looks good Dad!"

I wonder how, me living about 2 hours away from the parents, and busy with my own family and job and such...would attempt to keep Dad and Mum closely connected.....

"So Dad, let's like travel this summer! The kids don't have summer camp...seriously we could drive to San Francisco every weekend if you wanted to."

He brightened, and agreed it was possibly a good idea.

Mom goes on a 16 day vacation with her sister to Greece soon. I tell myself I am going to call him every couple of days, invite him to dinner again in the OC.

Watching your parents get older is difficult sometimes.