Dim Sum Diaries
Remember when I said I wanted to be more crafty? Well here it is. I found this Sock & Glove book on amazon.com, and it looked fairly simple to do and cute (as all Japanese stuff is). The dog here on the cover is a good approximation of what the finished project is supposed to look like:

So, I found some brown Dickie gloves from Walmart (6 for $4.49) and sacrificed 2 to make this...Bart the Zombie Dog....

I cut one of his legs off prematurely, so I had to sew it back on. I have no idea of how to sew the spot over his eye, so there was my botched attempt. He's hanging out in the Marian Keyes section of my ginormous bookshelf. So if you are Marian Keyes, I love your books and Bart the Zombie Dog is currently guarding them until I send him off to a co-worker for a belated birthday present.

Poor co-worker. :D