Dim Sum Diaries
Sometimes I fall into a funk and wonder what the point of everything is...besides worrying about bills and whether the world is going to hell in a handbasket etc etc etc....I've decided that making a list of little things that make me happy lately...might you know...help make me happy...

1. Eating an entire chocolate cake.

2. Doing 25 minutes of Yoga before I start work.

3. Having a cuddle with one of my kids.

4. Expanding my creativity...perusing blogs and such to find new projects I can try.

5. Getting a back massage by Hubbs.

6. Snuggling in bed with an extremely good book.

Yep, I guess its the simple things that keep me sane. Especially being more crafty...I'm about to ask Hubby to get me a sewing machine for Mother's Day. Then I am going to buy this lovely skirt kit and try to make one for myself.

I have to give credit to Yumptatious for giving me the idea. BTW, check out her awesome etsy shop if you get the chance.