Dim Sum Diaries
Back from 4 days in glorious Nashville TN, eating and drinking pretty much everything in sight and taking in the lovely views. I asked Tina whether any hawt cowboys would spontaneously appear and start line dancing just for me, but she said "We'll have to head to downtown Nashville for that."

Oh and a quick geography lesson, Graceland is actually in Memphis, which is not the same as Nashville. So I didn't get to visit Graceland...oh well maybe next time...

Here is an evening shot of downtown Nashville, the skyline is supposed to be very pretty at night.

ZOMG! The first real cowboy I spotted!

Jack's BBQ, supposedly one of the best places to have BBQ in TN. It was pretty damn good actually!

I know the yellow stuff is creamed corn and I can identify baked beans. I honestly don't know what the other stuff is.

An evening shot of the blvd after dinner. The whole street is like this, very pretty.

Heh. I will post more later.