Dim Sum Diaries

She Went From San Diego to Graceland....

So when I was in grade school, I happily did a school report on the great state of Tennessee (mainly because I was horse mad at the time and TN were known for their Tennessee Walking Horses. Little did I know that centuries later I would be visiting that same state!! Yes dear readers, I am off to TN to visit my college friend Tina for the next few days. There I will be indulging in Elvis, Graceland, BBQ and all kinds of southern goodness...and I even heard tell that Tina wants to take me line dancing...but I only wear Birkenstocks, so line dancing in Birks will be an interesting experience. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them here, so y'all can bask in the glow of TN right along with me.

So in the meantime, while I'm horking down on BBQ and buying up lots of velvet Elvis paintings...enjoy Obama's new logos for upcoming initiatives via
Mode Projct
. They are pretty damn cool!