Dim Sum Diaries
Man, I used to sneer at people who used Facebook and MySpace, and now I've become one of them... oO

I got on FB a few months ago through a high school friend I infrequently talk to. Then somehow I added a friend from college to my list and these past few days my friends list has grown from 5 to 40ish! Crazy! People I haven't talked to in 14 years, it's good to hear about how they are doing and such.

Here's the kicker though, I graduated from a liberal Christian College (liberal for them, it was actually quite conservative...at least they didn't require us to only wear dresses). So since graduation, while many stayed true to their calling or beliefs or what have you, I went WAYYYYYYYYYYY out of my way to avoid any mention of religion, relationships with certain deities from then on. And reconnecting with all these people, it's like, instead of "Let's do lunch", it is "Let's do church!" Dear god. Hmm that was a bad pun.

Anyways, I have one particular friend from there I'd been trying to find over the past years, using the various search engines and internet people finders to see if I could get in touch with her. Apparently she lived in TN, but she had no updated contact information so I was unable to find her. Then all of a sudden BOOM she pops up on Facebook, and we immediately exchange #'s and I call her and we're squealing and screaming like two very silly people (much to the consternation of Daughter who has never seen her serious Mom like this, and the amusement of Hubby) for like 10 minutes. It's like no time had passed at all and we were talking and kept interrupting each other in our excitement. So, as impulsively as always, I tell my friend I will visit her in TN in March. Southwest is having a fare war so I'm able to get a roundtrip ticket fairly cheaply. Yay! I told her that everything I eat in Tennessee has to be fried and greasy and totally southern comfort food. I can't wait!