Dim Sum Diaries
It's been warm and sunny in Cali recently, which is nice because I'm ready for winter to be over already. I have a bunch of pretty skirts and dresses that I can't wait to wear again! That being said, here is a possible outfit that might be ideal for that girl-on-the-go (maybe a part time spy!) via Etsy of course. Okay maybe not so much spring as skimpy...but who cares!!!


Every girl needs sexy, power underwear...the Sweetspire Camisole fits the bill nicely. If one should need to disrobe very quickly in order distract male enemy spies, I'm pretty sure this would work. I think it would also be great for prancing around the house in!


Next, if said femme fatale has something to hide...

A black garter purse is just the thing if you are on the go (or on the run) and need to carry your cell phone, wallet or even a gun or something! Very cute!


Then of course you must lull everyone into thinking you are a sweet, innocent thing---this pretty Burgundy Ruffle Front Dress from Sue Bradbury's excellent etsy shop is PERFECT!


Next comes jewelery of course...and I think

Agent 99 Earrings from Leavesofglass really gets into the spirit of the adventure. From the description listing: Get your spy gear in good working order, girl, because it's time to save the world from Kaos (and Max...). This pair of earrings is a complete retro 60's throwback. Frosted vintage lucite tube beads have a funky random pattern of silver divots that look just like the bubbles in a lava lamp. Elongated bright sterling silver kidney hooks add to the dramatic effect. Barbara Feldon would be proud. 'Nuff said.

Pair this outfit with black stilettos from Verseau Vintage...

Et voila! Fini!