Dim Sum Diaries
Whilst driving around doing errands, was listening to my fave oldies station, you know, known for playing THE OLDIES such as doo-wop and songs from the 1950's and 1960's. They'd recently begun to play more song from the 1970's which I figured was okay because you know, we are in the 21st century all that. Then, much to my surprise, the song Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean came on! Dude, that's 1985!! My junior high years!! Not oldies yet!!! No No No!!!!! In case you don't remember that song or hadn't been born yet (wankers) here is the video:

I totally remember rocking out to that song too. I thought Billy was like the coolest dude out there....anyways....

So yeah when chicks turn 36, they have to do the mammogram to ensure they don't get breast cancer...and twas my turn now (first time). I was a bit nervous since it was my first time and everyone is always like ZOMG MAMMOGRAMS THEY ARE SO BLOODY HORRIBLE!!!. Anyways, when I went they basically place your boob on a metal plate (with a cloth on top so it wasn't cold) and roll it and mash it around like the machine was making a pancake, so it wasn't that bad.

Then you stare anxiously at the images and keep asking the technician, "Do you see anything? Do you see anything? Are you sure?????"

Her reply? "We may call after the nurse who reviews the mammogram looks over your pics, since this is your first time and we have nothing to compare it to...and take additional pictures."

All I heard was, "Your probably going to get another call cause since I might see a lump and will need additional pictures."

A few days of sweating it out and dreading another call until I finally get a letter in the mail giving the all clear...whew!

*Sigh....yep I'm getting old! :p