Dim Sum Diaries
Hubby and I had a relaxing staycation at home, Sis & Bro-In-Law and Mom & Dad trundled the kids off to San Fran for a week of whirlwind fun and exposure to all things Chinese. In fact, it took like 4 days before Hub and I realized we were FREE to do adventurous things like FLY TO PARIS AT A MOMENTS NOTICE!! But since we're trying to save money, we settled for GOING TO DENNY'S FOR BREAKFAST AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE (5:30 am)!!! I know, we're so wild.

The latest book to have caught my attention is Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Nguyen. It's actually on sale for like $5 at amazon.com, so it's a good deal too.

I'm in the middle of it now, try to slowly savor it...its like a autobio...she emigrates from Vietnam at a young age (but she is roughly the same age as I am) and her family ends up settling in the middle of white bread America (Michigan!!) and it details her growing years trying to fit in, but not quite. She gets way obsessive about food, her love and fascination of anything that is American. In fact I can kind of identify with some of the things she goes through (her love of hot lunches from the school cafeteria, she is quite shy and takes refuge in books), though I don't think I was quite as obsessed with the foody thing. Bich has never known who her biological mom was (shrouded in mystery...DUM DUM DUM) but of course the end of the story reveals all, so we'll see! It's not too long of a book and a delight to read so far, so I definitely recommend it.

Oh and here is a moment of zen as to how far we've come in the last 60 years...check out this ciggie ad from the '60s:

Hope everyone had a good one!