Dim Sum Diaries
Trying to think of something witty to write here. Not much luck though. I'd have to say it was a very very good, relaxing Thanksgiving. Last week, very nearly got "laid off" (even though I'm a freelancer, so it's not really the correct term). Luckily, my Boss and several others at the company liked me enough to veto the layoff decision. So that was good, even though it was quite freaky. Apparently Boss, knowing my previous history with layoffs (severe depression for two years, no self-worth blah blah blah) didn't tell me until after everything was over and settled. I guess that's a good thing.

Then I called my parents...got Dad on the phone and told him "Hey Dad, I almost lost my job, but luckily everything is okay." But Dad apparently only heard, "Hey Dad I lost my job!!!!!!!!" He was to pick up my sister and her husband from LAX that day, which he did with my Mom in tow. They were headed south to my sister's house when he told everyone I lost my job and btw, we're heading down to San Diego to make sure I didn't do anything drastic, or was possibly huddled under my desk in the fetal position.

Here is a visual re-enactment of what Dad thought I must've been going through (via):

Fueled by the zeal of a worried parent on a mission, Dad made it to San Diego via extremely illegal speeds which will only be hinted at...only to find out that everything was OK. Oh well, it was a nice surprise to see my family anyways, since it had been awhile. We went out to dinner...it was lovely....

A few days later, after much planning and prep Turkey Day dawned with Hubby in charge of the turkey and me in charge of the sides. Everyone had a great time and the food was great, if I must say so myself, but the whole day was very mentally draining...spent the rest of the weekend in brain shut down mode and not really doing much of anything.

In other news, wanted to see what all the fuss was about for that new teen vamp movie Twilight, so I bought the book. Read it in one night and liked it quite a bit, so I went back to the bookstore the next day and bought the rest of the 3 books of the series. Read 2nd, 3rd...one a day, had weird vampirish dreams...but by the 4th it was quite tiresome. Maybe if I was still a naive tween who still believed that the perfect teen boyfriend was out there, waiting just for me, otherwise that premise is a load of shit. Not that I'm bitter or anything. The girl is 18ish and Edward the vampire wants to marry her (and she won't have sex with him until their married) and she wants him to make her a vampire asap so they'll both be young and beautiful together forever...then I haven't really read the 4th one yet but then I think she either adopts a kid or spawns one in that one. Stephanie Meyer graduated from BYU, so it leads me to believe that she is or was a practicing Mormon so the whole oh lets not have sex till we're married crap is a bit tiresome. In fact I don't know if this whole series is an allegory for Mormonism, who knows.

Anyways, post more later.