Dim Sum Diaries

I had to get a new camera since I've been taking a lot of high-res pictures for work (the old 5 MP hand me down from Dad just wasn't cutting it). Luckily amazon.com was having a special on this baby so I snapped it up. But then I wanted a "big boy" camera strap for this, not the ucky metal wrist one that comes with the cam, or the even uckier neck strap that they sell as an aftermarket accessory.

So I looked up good ole etsy and found this awesome seller, PhatStraps who was able to make a customized neck strap...the argyle pattern is very pretty. So then I was so happy that I took a pic of myself holding the cam with the said gorgeous strap with my cell phone...complete and utter cheesorama!

One of the first pics from the new camera...

Say hello to Colin #2, a lovely sock monkey from Yumptatious who keeps me company during the workday. :)