Dim Sum Diaries
I still have trouble believing that yesterday happened. After dinner I hopped on the computer and kept switching back (yay for multiple tabs) between cnn.com and msnbc.com to track which states would go red or blue. Msnbc.com seemed to be a bit bolder and called states for Obama and McCain a bit sooner then cnn did. By the time Obama won OH, it was pretty much game over though I kept refreshing the map until it was officially called.

What made last night really interesting though is that Hubby is Republican and I am a Democrat and though we both swear the other's party is the epitome of evil, we're both quite moderate and share many of the same views. Both Hubby and I try to refrain from bashing the opposite party outright in front of the kids (though Hubby did make comments about the evil Democrats on various issues in the past and I had to tell him to desist). The kids' school held their own election for Obama and McCain and both kids voted for McCain. I asked them both why they did.

Daughter: Because he's got a cute puffy face.
Son: Cuz the old guy will pay the bills.

So when Obama won, Daughter was a bit crestfallen and asked why. I, giving Hubby the look of you better bloody agree with me, said, "Both were good men, P, but in the end more people wanted Obama to win. Daddy and I want you to get to know the facts on your own about an issue or candidate and make up your own mind."

"Yeah Mom, but you are Obama Mamma and Daddy is McCain Reigns huh!" was her cheeky reply.

*Le sigh

Oh and BTW best electoral map graphic of them all!