Dim Sum Diaries
How to suffer the torments of the damned---

1) Have PMS
2) Know that as a freelancer you usually work alone and your boss has decided to traipse off to business trip in China and is therefore not available to give you immediate feedback on your work because immediate feedback is good.
3) Get a high profile project from another guy at work.
4) Get first draft sent back with request for edits.
5) Work till 11 pm to finish second draft.
6) Everyone hates the second draft, so frantically work on a new rendition of what they were asking for (load screen).
7) Come up with what you think is a pretty good 3rd and final draft and send it off again.
8) Remember that you are working ON YOUR OWN and Boss is prancing (ok he's working really) around in China and not there to soothe your graphic design ego.
9) No response from anyone as yet and its been over an hour. Frantically click refresh on your webmail to see if you did get any response.
10) Wait.....

--At 5:30 am local Chinese time, see that Boss is online but apparently asleep...repeatedly ping him (loud dinging sound) until he wakes up groggily, make him review his emails so he can see what you did and then give you his opinion then comb through his emails from others to see if there was anything else said. Keep bugging him until its about 7:30 am local time in China, ensuring he is not able to get anymore sleep and he has to get up for a full day of meetings. Be extremely smug about it.