Dim Sum Diaries
As Daughter speeds towards tweeniness (is that a word?), news that the first girl in her 5th grade class has gotten her period has made its way round the grapevine (and she's only 10 or 11!!!!). Which now puts me the delicate position of having to explain the birds and the bees in GREATER detail to her very soon. And eventually I'll have to explain the concepts of birth control and such (aka now you get to know the REAL reason why Mommy can be such an angry bitch 3 weeks out of each month) to her as well. Mayhap a powerpoint presentation of all the nasty ass std's one could get and it's effect upon the body would in order at some point too (in a few years?). Just me overworrying to be sure, but as my mom gleefully cackles, this is when I get my payback for all the trouble I caused her at that age, except I remember being quite a perfect angel all through my teenage years (all I wanted to be was a missionary!!!).

Anyways, just wanted to link some interesting stuff:

Via Green Chair Press Blog, Crate & Barrel is selling a lovely wood type coffee table. It is nice and definitely a focal piece, but kind of on the pricey side.

As time passes, my taste in clothes seem to have changed. I have now embraced my inner 70s hippie love child. Does that mean I will now be (A) dressing like John Travolta?

Or (B) maybe like this?

DING DING DINGO if you ANSWERED (A) YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BLOODY RIGHT! My new fetish is polyester disco shirts!!! They are bright, bold and super comfortable, so first I bought this one, which Hubby thought was cute:

Then this one, which is my favorite so far.

So, now you are thinking to yourself, why Mir, those prints are quite bold! Not too bad, I would reply, because you haven't seen my latest acquisition yet....

"Holy mother of God, that thing is bright," was Hubby's reaction.

"Ummm Mom, wow yeah...umm it looks great!" said Daughter (trying to be nice).

"WEEEIRRRDDDDDDDDDD!!!!" was Son's reaction.

Okay so it is a bit of the orange-y red bright and you could probably pick me out of a crowd quite easily. But its fun and I love it and its not too tacky. :)

Soooooooooo moving on! Books that I plan to read that are being released soon:

Seduce me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas. She is one of the few romance authors that I read these days because she writes novels that don't go off on some weird tangent and don't suck. This is the story of Win and Merripen, a dark, brooding hero who so needs to to find love.

Next is Neil Gaiman's new one, The Graveyard Book, about a cast of various undead and creatures in a graveyard who save and raise a young boy to manhood, and his various adventures. Ever since I saw the movie Stardust (and subsequently read all his books, and then got Hubby hooked and then Daughter on Neil's kids' books, am currently working on converting Son) I've been a huge fan. Another favorite is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The thing about Gaiman is that he hooks you in immediately and you have to keep reading the WHOLE DAMN THING.

Katie Landon recently recommended another book called Hotel World, described as totally inspiring art meets fiction meets truth meets brilliance book, which of course that means I'll have to get it and read it now.

PS-More JC Penneys Catalogue from the 70s hilarity. Also here is the original post.