Dim Sum Diaries
This weekend was fairly laid back, with a huge ass BBQ going on at Younger Sister N's house (which means that I don't have to cook). Brother-in-Law (henceforth BIL) smoked a rack of ribs (devoured in minutes), and we followed up with melt-in-your-mouth rib eye steak and lovely chicken wings. N is moving, essentially to Northern California for a new job, but plans to stay up there 3 days a week and commuting back and forth back to Southern California (as her home base). Will miss her since she is further away now, but I am very excited for her.

Since all the rooms were taken, I was the "lucky" one who got to spend the night on the couch in the family room. But with Dad and N and BIL talking shop about her new job until midnight, had to interrupt with a subtle hint by declaring, "OKAY I'M TIRED, ITS TIME FOR ME TO GO TO SLEEP LEAVE THE FAMILY ROOM IMMEDIATELY" hint, they grumbled their way upstairs and everyone went to bed.

Next day I stopped at Staples for office supplies and found this new and interesting display, it was like one of those candy shops in the mall where they have huge dispensers of candy, but in this case it was cute little shiny pretty office supplies, and you could fill up a bucket of whatever you wanted for $5.99. Could not resist, and since Kateri blogged about doing the same thing (but she takes way better pictures then I do) I'm stealing her pictures to post here. Aren't they cute!!!

So now the clipped paper in my office is that much more stylish!

Also, have noticed that N and Mom look at me more peculiarly now...

"You buy a lot of stuff from Etsy don't you?" commented Mom, when she saw me wearing this:

"What is that? Your wearing a necklace of 2 people having sex?" asked N.

"NO...this is an ampersand...the font is Cooper Black. Actually, the & symbol (or ampersand) has a long history. Marcus Tullius Tiro, who was Cicero’s secretary, is credited with having invented it around 63 BC. as part of a system of abbreviations to speed up writing. The phrase ‘et cetera’ was first printed ‘&c’ before being abbreviated to ‘etc’. Today the symbol is also used as a shorthand for ‘and‘," I said rather snottily. "You know, as they say, design WILL SAVE THE WORLD." (okay I didn't say that whole explanation but it is fun being snotty to the relations once in awhile)

There was no reply, only a raising of eyebrows between my mother and N. As if there was a silent point of agreement that I'd finally gone round the bend. Which I probably have.

In the meantime, it is quite possible I will wear this lovely Methods of Murder Mystery Charm Bracelet to our next gathering to demonstrate how much of the bend I've gone round.