Dim Sum Diaries
There is a lot of hype about that new TV show Mad Men, a drama about the the world of advertising in the 50s. I tried to watch an episode, but just couldn't get into it. Maybe I was expecting the dialogue to be something from Aaron Sorkin or something (he sets a high standard, doesn't he). But the set design and costuming is fabulous. I'd dress like a girl from the 50s if I could, but that would mean I have to put on makeup and wear high heels all the time (too lazy).

Anyways, SFgirlbythebay just posted a thingamajig about the Mid-Century decor used in the set design, and how it's a pretty hot design trend right now...

Totally awesome!

Anyways, here are a couple of Etsy items I couldn't resist that seem to be in line with this Mad Men decor craze:

Modern Feline from Rekindle.

David Douglas Glass Carafe from Goodlookin.