Dim Sum Diaries
And just where has the summer gone? No bloody idea. Today was the first day of school for the kids (Daughter in 5th grade, Son in 2nd). After fussing over their hair for an unnecessarily long time and repeatedly kissing them goodbye by the door (ok Mom we're going to be late already!!!! enough with the kisses!!), they walked the half block to school with me staring vigilantly at their backs till they were almost by the school gate. Was hoping for that blessed moment of calm and some type of soothing music playing in the background and me sipping a cup of some luxury coffee and smiling with my eyes closed.

Was not to happen as work rudely interrupted that moment (*sigh), and Daughter comes home after school with a huge rash on her back and legs.

I frantically ring the doctor. "Possible chicken pox!!! Need appointment asap!" I cry to the nurse, who of course, wanting to stem a possible chicken pox outbreak in California, graciously gives me a same day appointment. After driving madly to the doc and waiting for an interminable period of time, discovered that Daughter did not in fact have chicken pox (thankfully) but something called Hot Tub something or another which is a bacterial skin infection caused by bad pool/hot tub water. Since she'd gone swimming last weekend and the rash was confined to her bathing suit line, was able to get cream to put on.

Son, not to be outdone, ran into the office after his bath later that evening. "Look Mommy, I have a rash on my butt too! Put cream on it!" he demanded.

"No hon, you scratched your back the other day when you ran into the door remember (backwards apparently per Hubby)?"

Still he insisted on me putting a bandaid on his wound and kissing it (I kissed his back, not his butt) and making it better.

It is days like this that keep my life interesting. :)