Dim Sum Diaries
We BBQ'd tonight, my immediate family---Mom, Dad, my younger sister and her Hubby and me, Hubby and our kids. Poor Dad though, per the doctor's orders he is to avoid all foods except jook (Chinese porridge) and baby food (and under my younger sister's watchful eye, could not sneak any prohibited foods, she had a list)...

(Hubby made a whole lot of guacamole for the BBQ tonight, so that's what my Dad had for dinner...jook and a big pile of guacamole.)

Thick slabs of juicy, tender rib-eye steak were stacked up on several plates, and I was on my 3rd piece (shhh secret)...Dad comes up behind me, puts his hand on my shoulder and gives it a tight squeeze. "How do you like the steak?" he asked. I sat for a moment...stunned by this ultra rare gesture from Dad.

"Good," I mumbled. My gaze darts to Mom, but she only looks back...indicating she is as surprised as I.

The moment passes, but this stays on my mind all night. My dad has always been a vocal communicator...and by that I mean when I was growing up, he yelled a lot. Affectionate gestures were pretty much non-existent...which is why, tonight...after just going through surgery to remove his thyroid...and he is about to undergo massive amounts of radiation soon to make sure nothing malignant spreads...that maybe he realized how fragile and tenuous life is?

My sister and I each have our own issues with the parents, but we show our support for them and are there for them in our own ways.

It's not something I'd ever talk about with him...

"Hey Dad remember that time when you did a huggie thing?"

Not that any of this post makes any sense, but Dad you are full of surprises. I love you.