Dim Sum Diaries
Besides having stuffed my head up the arse of Indesign trying to impress the pants off of a guy at work (figuratively!!) regarding a project (and I send it off to him...the silence of no replies kills me slowly by inches), and playing taxi for the kids and their summertime activities...it's been busy here!

Still trying to avoid the real world with all its depressing news, but I have found a new blog fave that is really really good...called The Big Picture. Started by Alan Taylor of the Boston Globe, (read an interview with him here), his use of one solitary picture and just a few words to describe a situation somewhere...transports you to that place there for just a moment...really great stuff.

And me being the total dork that I am...was thinking...wow I have so many blogs to keep track of, how can I possibly keep track of all of them without manually typing in the urls isn't there something that I can use to sort through all this crap? The answer is a big resounding duh yes! Google Reader silly! Big sigh of relief there!

In terms of books---Have been slowly reading Eaves of Heaven by Andrew X. Pham. Savoring a chapter at a time, it is his dad's story this time...and besides being exquisitely written...right now his Dad just got drafted into the Northern Army, recruits all had to report to this really crappy site...living conditions were horrible and they were deliberately fed nasty food (which of course they could not or would not eat), but conveniently there was a "cafe" there serving decent food (they had to pay of course, and at 3x the market price), and the recruits were kept there for weeks on end, so this cafe could make money off them, which the cafe in turn paid off the military leaders for allowing them to do this...win win for everyone except the recruits...Pham's dad's frustration at having to leave his wife and baby to fight for a supposedly noble cause and being stuck in a web of greed and corruption....

And wow I'm really meandering today.

The Likeness by Tana French is being released in July, and it looks pretty good. I read her first one In The Woods, and its one of the few non Lisa Kleypas books I read in pretty much one setting (4 am).

And finally, I leave you with this...since I work from home...I don't have to dress up for work, its pretty much a tank top and shorts for me, BUT if I chose to I could dress up like a fairy princess!!

I seriously should go around all day dressed like that...