Dim Sum Diaries

In Which You Are Subjected To My Inner Monologue

I always marvel at parents who have more then two kids. I can barely keep up with mine, so congratulations are in order to those brave enough to have more then two! P and A both have such different needs, the most obvious one is a girl and one is a boy...then there is the age difference. P is on the cusp of puberty, and A is rapidly growing up as well....it's an education in itself trying to keep up!

Things going on here...I recently quit playing World of Warcraft cold turkey (yeah I know I said I quit before)...turned off the account and haven't really regretted it since. I try and talk more with Hubby now and spend more time with the kids, though WoW was good at killing time and keeping you occupied when you were bored. I ran into that, being bored...I knew it got really bad when I started to rearrange my closet and made tentative plans to DECORATE it... (on the plus side, Hubby has more space to hang his clothes now). THE MAN aka my boss took a 2 week vacay, and I was surprised how much I relied on interacting with him (for work related purposes and also to abuse him emotionally) to make the day go faster. Sure there is the odd email from other people in the company, but it makes a huge difference if you have someone to chat with about nonsense as well. Working freelance can indeed be lonely. So this was when quitting WoW didn't help much either, because at least you could talk to people in guild about stuff...man I'm just babbling now.

So anyways, I was like, what kind of hobby could I take up to keep me mentally occupied? Beekeeping? Candlemaking? Then I was like DUH read books!

"But you already read books," Hubby replied.

"DUH I mean read books more!" I scoffed.

Hubby only rolled his eyes. So here I am happily reading more books...which is a good thing, though I think I still might try to rearrange the linen closet sometime soon......