Dim Sum Diaries
Holy crap it's November!

The upcoming onslaught of holiday frenzy makes me type faster. Way faster. And work more to pay the bills. Try to spend more time with son reading to him, working with him on his piano. Remember to reserve free-range organic turkey early and also the Honey-Baked ham for Turkey Day. Make sure I'm spending enough time with daughter. Worry that I'm not neglecting my parents. Maybe I should visit them this weekend, but then my car tire is flatish and Hubby needs to get tire sealant to fix it otherwise if I take the damn car to Costco I to get a new tire I bet they insist I buy 4 tires to "ensure even wear" or some such crap. And I bought some tickets at the Ahmanson in LA to see some shows but I'm pretty sure I missed one already because I've been so distracted. I forgot to give Mother-in-Law her maple syrup and hanging VT spoon. I gotta balance the checkbook too.......

Yeah that's what I'm thinking about at any given moment. Craziness!

Things of Interest Today:

--Joel Turnipseed, the author of Baghdad Express: A Gulf War Memoir has his own blog. It was a book I thoroughly enjoyed and you always wonder what happens to authors who write a book about themselves (it does well) and then what? Well he got himself a blog and he's also guest blogging on Kottke this week. So that's pretty cool.

--I got this from Defective Yeti...remember this video from A-Ha? I've always loved it and 20 years later it's still brilliant:

More later!