Dim Sum Diaries
TODAY IS THE DAY. THE DAY..........DEAR READERS!!!!! And what is so special about this particular day, you may ask? Why it's the day that Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas comes out!! I always get excited on these days...ran to Walmart this morning to see if they had it (as soon as the store opened), sadly no. But then I had to do this thing called "work" (insert sarcastic air quote gesticulating here), so I was delayed until lunch. Headed to B&N, the book was not on display either. Became very very peeved...so great was my anger that when I headed to the information desk, all I could say was, "LISA KLEYPAS BOOK. OUT TODAY. HAVE IN BACK?"

The clerk raised her eyebrow at me. "Let me check."

She was gone for a few minutes, which must've irritated the others in line behind me but I didn't care because this was LISA KLEYPAS for god's sakes. Then saw the clerk and I spotted the book in her hand and I said "YES!!!!!!" rather loudly...people must think I'm weird or something. So with my treasure in hand, I also spotted another must have, Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure, by Emma Campbell Webster. Having grown up reading all those Choose Your Own Adventure books I mean come on...CYOA and Jane Austen in one book?? How could I resist??? I will do a review of it after...I get some time to be acquainted with both books....

Driving home w/ da booty, called boss at work to snottily inform him I would be OUT for the rest of the day.

"I got the latest Lisa Kleypas! And a cool Jane Austen-esque book!" I chirped happily.

"Who? Jane Austen? Is she the chick from Bionic Woman?" Boss inquired.

There was a moment of affronted silence. "No," I replied in a very clipped tone.

"Right. She's the Buns of Steel girl then?"

This is when I launched the nuclear missile of pwning to pwn his arse. Smart ass.