Dim Sum Diaries
Just got back from visiting the wilds of Vermont, the changing leaf colours are beautiful hues of oranges, golds, reds and yellows. With no access to the Internet (or Starbucks for that matter) it is definitely good to be back. Have been scribbling furiously into my mini moleskine notebook with so many things to say. Then I get back, log on and look at the blinking cursor. What the bloody hell am I supposed to write now?

Besides the interesting changes to traveling by plane...did you know that the Chicago and Burlington VT airports now have toilet seats that are wrapped in plastic like saran wrap? Instead of the traditional paper covers? And you wave your hand over a sensor before you drop trou and the plastic wrap automatically marches itself from left to right (disappearing into a slot on the left and new plastic coming from the right) like so many little ants, or a choo choo train? Technology these days.

Hubby and I stopped in VA/DC and a friend took us to Cracker Barrel, a southern restaurant typical of the region. They also sell a lot of country kitsch goods. I found a lovely quilt that I thought would go well in my Mom's room.

"Oh my god!" I cried happily. "This quilt is so beautiful...what do you think? It was maybe made by Amish women who sang spiritual hymns while they lovingly crafted this at a quilting bee!"

"No dear," Hubby corrected, turning the quilt over and pointing, "See the label? Made in China."

I like my version better (more later).