Dim Sum Diaries
I wish I had more to write about today, but I really don't. Other then going a bit fitness mad...in which I've purchased a yoga mat, a pair 2 lb and 5 lb dumbells, a step stool work out thingamajig (who would've thunk a piece of plastic costs $30), a clock to time myself, cheapie training shoes from Walmart...and oh about 8 FITNESS DVDs. I think I bought like 5 of them, the other 2 came with the fitness crap. Am very pleased with the results so far, my arms now each have a recognizable tiny, muscular bump which I think is DA BOMB. I'm ready for Venice Beach now, baby! So far I think my favorite and most effective DVD is from The Firm. And I am losing weight.

The funny thing is that the instructor on the DVD, Allison Davis must come from the south somewhere, cuz when she stretches, she says, "Oh, that feels nice."

Except she pronounces "nice" as naaahhhhhhhiiiiiccccceeeeeeeee. So now I say, "Oh, that feels naaahhhhhhhiiiiiccccceeeeeeeee" on a regular basis...have daughter saying it too...

So anyways...here are some Cool Links of The Day:

--Shocking murder confession found in a newspaper.

--Billionaire heiress socialite Holly Peterson gets paid 2 mill. to write one of the crappiest sex scenes I've ever read.

"I wanted to consume all of him. He lay on top of me now, and then, straddling me, tore off his shirt. Oh my god, that chest.

He looked so happy, like he was having a really, really good time.

Finally, "You still okay?"

"Hmm -mmm." "So." "Yeah?"

"You sure you want to do THE MANNY?" (bolded caps, my emphasis)

I burst out laughing. "Positive."

Readers' comments are pretty funny too. My faves:

Rollsroyceheadon: Coming up soon: her STD-packed sequel, The Fanny.

Gigi: I imagine Tony Danza and Judith Light are gonna have words with Ms. Peterson.