Dim Sum Diaries
The following is a list of instructions to make your boss (preferably male, females tend to resist this more) your beeyotch (I've harangued Hubby over the past 15 years so much about shopping, he runs when I approach him about clothing opinions). I will use my "boss" (I use this term sooo loosely) B (male friend at work I like to torture who ok is also my boss) as an example.

1. Don't work, when in fact, you are supposed to be working. Decide to surf the internet, shopping for pretty dresses instead.

2. Remind B. that you have a super case of uber PMS (or PMT).

3. Go to favorite clothing website online, and link as many dresses as you can in IM at a rapid fire pace.

4. Buzz B repeatedly and ask him which one he likes best.

5. If B does not respond immediately, call him at work and say, "Fucker...give me an opinion on a dress now!!!!!!!!!!"

6. Verbally harass said B until he tremblingly gives you an opinion. If it happens to be the correct opinion then let him off the hook.

7. If it is the incorrect opinion, harass B further by repeatedly spamming the link of the dress you like until he agrees that in fact, that is the bestest dress he's seen in the universe.

8. Let him off the hook, or if feeling particularly evil, go to another clothing website and do it all over again.

PS-this is the dress I bought for my cousin's wedding in July. :)

PPS-Have a book review coming up shortly.