Dim Sum Diaries
I don't know what it is, I hit my mid-30s and all of a sudden I develop this fascination for older male singers who have a folksy bent. For example, James Taylor. I adore him! Give me another 5 or so years, I will become a die-hard Tom Jones fan, go to all his concerts and fling my panties at him. But until that seminal conversion, I'll content myself with going to see Dougie Maclean in concert tonight at the Birch North Park Theater!!!!

I'm excited, Hubby is grumpily reluctant to go.

"Who is he again?" Hubby complained.

"An awesome Scottish singer. He wrote Caledonia? The unofficial song of Scottish nationalism? Its on that Celtic Woman CD you love so much? You know, the one you bought me for my birthday then stole so you could listen to in your car????"


Exactly right.

I know he'll like it anyways, because every cultural event we go to, he always ends up admitting that I have flawless taste in art, music, etc. and that he ENDED UP ENJOYING HIMSELF. :p