Dim Sum Diaries
And I turn yet another corner. Decided that eating out every night was not only hideously expensive, but quite unhealthy. Like Shakira said, these hips don't lie!! (though I'm sure she didn't mean it in the same way I do) Also, Cousin Nat is getting married in San Fran next month, so tis another motivator to lose the weight and look fabu in that pretty black eyelet shirtdress from Loft. Thus am trying the South Beach diet in which Hubby "volunteered" (involuntarily) to join up. We're still in the first phase, which we emphasize proteins and try to cut out carbs.

When broke the news of this Hubby, he said, "You are trying to kill me aren't you? Also, do corndogs count as protein?"

Surprisingly, he's been quite amiable about the whole thing and willing to eat the dinners I cook. His pants are looser, he reports. I'm doing the whole Excel spread sheet thing in tracking my daily weight. Results are very encouraging thus far.

Was going to try an aggressive exercise regimen, but then threw my back out kinda when tried a 15 minute Pilates routine. Like you try one set of reps of something, your fine. But you do it non-stop for 15 minutes, if you aren't in the proper shape, its likely to kill you!

"You aren't 18 anymore," tsked Mom sternly. "Don't try all those crazy things all at once."

Yeah, Mom. So working and working out is the thing these days, so leaves less time and energy for blogging. But I really do have a book I would like to write about soon....

In the meantime, enjoy Japanese style Tetris: