Dim Sum Diaries
Stayed up till 1 am last night finishing up (mostly done). The room is about 75% done, last night's goal was just to finish painting my corner, setting up the desk and getting the compy up and running for work the next day. Hubby was a DIY god and I have to say its all thanks to him (I helped though) that we were able to pull it off!

Here the left corner of where my desk is to be is being painted. Hubby is completely naked here and wiggling his bits around (it was 1 am), but at his request I have photoshopped him out:


This is the right side of the room, Hubby's desk has been moved to this side, but not completely set up yet. Note placement of ladder, bad luck to whomever sits in that chair...7 years?

3 bloody hours later, the corner desk is assembled and the computer is ready to go.

The pics look better this morning...this is me about to start work...

Eventually in the right corner, I plan to put a dark mahagony leather armchair and a tiny side table with a fountain/water feature. Should be quite relaxing I think. And some pics/artwork on the walls? We'll see. :)