Dim Sum Diaries
This is something that's been ongoing over the past few months. Now that I have unwillingly been thrust into the older, aged 35-50 female demographic (Je fait assez mûre pour mon âge, oui?), I can shop stores such as Gap's now defunct Forth & Towne. NOT. I feel a little uncomfortable being grouped with someone who is 15 years older then me...not flattering to my rapidly aging, vain ego I suppose.


I've been trying to find some new bottoms (pants or shorts) that are flattering, comfortable yet stylish, and that convey the message of Hey, I'm still young and hip! My tastes have changed as I've gotten older tho...so...this is what I first looked at from A&F:

tagline: a little goes a long way in our sexy shorts

A bit on the short side, I don't think I could pull this off even if I wanted to. Now 15 years ago? Hell yes! But alas those days are no more...all I can think now is those things would keep riding up your ass now, wouldn't they?

Mayhap something a little more simple, elegant and flirty? Also, all-in-one covering top and bottom, so wouldn't have to buy so many shirts. Which brings us to this dress from Anthropologie:

tagline: Revive your love of simplicity with this jersey dress by Deletta. A lacy applique adds all the detail you'll need.

Appealing, yet the tomboy in me strenuously objects to the wearing of girly things on a casual basis, so probably not.

I guess my greatest fear is succumbing to middle-agedness and buying something like this:

Along with matching orange turban:

tagline: Bold, beautiful, strong and sassy are elements celebrated by the designs from Antthony. And this turban is no exception. With satin jacquard and bow detail, you'll look fabulous whether you're out in town or tanning on the beach.

I will be like Dame Sally Markham...

In the end, however, it was the comfortable, slightly more formal then sweats, can wear anywhere that won me over.

tagline: Nothing says "relaxed" like these knit pants. They combine the smooth lines of your favorite chinos with the comfortable fit of sweats. A touch of spandex is spun into the soft cotton French terry for ease of movement. Slanted front pockets, back welt pocket. Elastic waistband. Imported. Machine wash and dry.

So there you have it. My new definitive style for some years to come, a la L.L. Bean.

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