Dim Sum Diaries
Haven't blogged about personal stuff in awhile, thus I have a whole messload of stuff I want to talk about. Hubby recently rescued a stray female short-haired cat (and her 5 kittens) from his workplace, much to the delight of the children. I was slightly horrified. I have the rep in da hood as that Mom with three ginuea pigs, two birds and two turtles. Now I had the potential to become that crazy cat lady with the SIX cats, three ginuea pigs, two birds and two turtles. What if I suddenly kicked the bucket...they would find my body hours later...half eaten by six cats...

So finally, I've managed to give all but one of the kittens away (we're keeping one called Pip) and the Mom, who we are calling Beatrix (after Beatrix Potter). I take them to the vet today to have Beatrix spayed and get Pip his shots etc. The nurse comes in, weighs them both and proceeds to take Beatrix's temp by sticking a thermometer up her ass (Beatrix didn't like that). Whilst waiting like a dumb ass for the vet to show up, Dr. Whatsit finally makes an appearance 25 minutes later...Beatrix is staring balefully at me from the cat carrier.

"So," Dr. Whatsit says briskly, "Beatrix needs to be spayed?"

"Yes, because when she goes outside with me, I've noticed she's begun to roll around on her back and make these particular yowling noises. Like she's..." I pause, trying to find the correct phrasing, "Entering BOOTY TOWN! That is to say...you know what I mean..." (this is what happens when you listen to the Music and Lyrics soundtrack for hours on end).

"Right, so she's shown signs of being in heat then," Dr. Whatsit replies.

I only nod and sigh.

$300 in the hole later (I'm picking her up at the end of the day today), I grab an English Breakfast latte from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and get to work...

In other news, Mom has been lecturing me on the necessity of spending more quality time with my now 9-year old daughter, helping her to develop a positive self-image, to know that she is loved, and helping her to navigate the tricky path of tween to teen to adult. I guess its a good thing I'm able to work from home then, because its easier for me to spend time with P (daughter) then. And keep her busy with activities such as piano, sports, etc. Still, its a bit of pressure I feel, as ONE OF TWO people (other is hubby) who has the power to significantly affect her entire universe and help her to avoid the pitfalls of life...I'm probably just babbling now...not that I didn't spend time with her before, but must now kick the Mom thing into overdrive... *sigh