Dim Sum Diaries
Ouch is exactly it. Have somewhat foolishly decided an exercise regimen 5x a week, in which I walk/run (in place!) 3 miles on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for Pilates (a combination of ballet moves and lots of stretching) and omg! You stretch and flex and arch and bend and extend parts of your body that haven't been thusly used so outrageously ever since that one summer in Australia (back in your college heyday) when the men of that one town named a day in your honor because of your *cough cough* I speak theoretically of course... :)

So now body is aching in protest and I am hobbling about rather like Joanna Lumley in that picture. *Le sigh.

My cousin N is getting married in San Francisco in July, so hopefully by that time I will be more svelter (is that a word?) in this pretty J. Crew dress:

In other news, will try to get off my ass and try to write something of substance soon...