Dim Sum Diaries
Hello, dear readers, it's way late but I've decided to introduce a new thang to the blog...live blogging (daily, not hourly) a DIY room makeover while trying to work at the same time!

The players:

Me: Stay at home mom, also freelance technical writer, who has some time during the day to paint, design, daydream and also buy designer bits during the day all the while trying to work at the same time (the best part is telling my boss to sod off, I'm taking an hour (during lunch :p) to paint the room so screw you asshole).

Hubby: Busy during the day, he comes home to do all the heavy lifting, assembling of new incoming furniture and finishing the painting bits I can't reach.

The idea was that I needed a place where I could work efficiently, and needed a defined adult space where both Hubby and I could work, game and relax. Hubby wanted to incorporate some Asian elements into the room, and I was able to work out a calm, blue, coastal-y zen design. We got rid of a huge futon and cleaned out 12 years worth of computing crap from the closet, so we've got a blank space now to work with. We are trying to get this done w/in a few (hopefully 2) weeks.

As it is now:

Stay tuned....in our next episode...painting the room and Mir's new desk is coming on Tuesday....