Dim Sum Diaries
This is what I'm feeding the brain over the next few days:

--Watch The Namesake. Its been getting rave reviews and I'm keen to see Kal Penn (of Harold & Kumar fame) in this.

--The field is full of presidential hopefuls vying for the spot of Democratic nominee for Prez. I know a lot about Hillary Clinton, but have been hearing a lot about Barack Obama. What's all the fuss about?

Quote from a recent article:

"His appeal is that he sounds a lot more like a president you would hear on "The West Wing" than on CNN: the soaring rhetoric, the commanding presence - he's like the visionary political leader out of central casting," said Robert Thompson, founding director of the Center for Popular Television at Syracuse University.

"There's this appetite for Josiah Bartlet," he said, referring to the fictional president played by Martin Sheen.

I am therefore downloading Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope onto my iPod (this is the first time I will be doing this, yay for being a latecomer to technology) to listen to whilst at work to check it out.

Because after 8 years of the SAME DAMN THING, I've kinda tuned everything out and am content to sow my own garden. Not necessarily the best attitude, but I am growing more optimistic that things will change for the better.