Dim Sum Diaries
Here is an interesting article, which states that according to research, parents who are of different races, such as a white father and an Asian-American mother, spend more time and money on their kids than parents who are both of the same race.

Let me tell you, feeling the pinch on the finances. If I want to enroll the kids in YMCA summer camps for 2 weeks out of each month for the months of July and August, bloody over $1k. And, in trying to be a good, green environmentally forward person...the catalytic converter on the 2003 Honda Hybrid went out. $1300 to fix because its not covered by warranty. Basically next time we have to get the car smogged, we'll have to get it fixed before then because otherwise it won't pass inspection.

"Lame Californian shit," laughs one person I told. "We don't have those lame laws where I live."

*Bangs head against wall