Dim Sum Diaries
Well, it is the night before the big jump tomorrow. I thought this weekend would be hella stressful because of all the driving I need to do, but it's actually turned out to be rather relaxing. Rita just called me, she is 10 miles from where we are skydiving tomororw and guess what:

4/15/07 - Day: Chance of light rain showers with slight chance of thunder with small hail. High 62F, humidity 35%. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Apparently not optimal conditions for jumping. She will call in the morning to tell me how the weather is. So, we'll see! I also thought I'd post some pics of the Cocary BBQ place we went to for dinner (me and the 'rents).

Here is the definition of shabu shabu. The restaurant has just moved from their old location to this new one, and has a cool new feature which included a bar area, with bowls set up at every seat, and a train chugging its way around the perimeter of the bar, carrying little bowls of yumminess you could pluck off and eat at your leisure.

Also, this warning was posted:

Great place, but for the fact that your hair and clothes smell of bbq when you exit the building.

Some other interesting things happened today as well. Hubby needed to buy his fancy schmancy designer shampoo, so we stopped at this Kamay Beauty place (also had its own salon). Apparently some guy calls the salon. Sales clerk answers, gets this funny look on her face.

"Umm," she asked the aesthestician, "Do we give guys Brazilians?"

"OMG," I chimed in, scandalized. "Do a lot of guys ask for that? What if he is a big, fat, nasty, hairy guy?"

The Aesthestician shook her head firmly. "NO. Please, tell him I'm not available."