Dim Sum Diaries
Spent last night at the San Diego Wild Animal Park's Roar & Snore, and a nice time was had by la familie. Did some walking around, checked into our luxury tent, had a nice dinner and did some camp-zoo related activities. A very pleasant way to spend the evening. Though our tent was a step up from the spartan basic nylons ones (wood floor, queen futon, bedding provided, heater, lamp, mini-fridge, rug and free gift basket which included a notebook made from elephant poo poo), I had a difficult time falling asleep. First of all, because Hubby is a bloody heater so I had to alternate between sleeping in and out of the sleeping bag. Then Son (of which this is first camping trip and use of a sleeping bag) decides to spend the next two hours NOT SLEEPING. Instead, he decides how long he can

SWISH SWISH SWISH SWISH (his legs on the sleeping bag)

followed by

ZIP UNZIP ZIP UNZIP ZIP UNZIP ZIP UNZIP (apparently quite fascinated with the sleeping bag zipper).


Despite repeated threats to throw him to the lions. *sigh

I was not in the best of moods the next morning, so after breakfast and another walking tour, we decided to leave the park a little earlier then we would've liked (both Hubby and I were pretty tired).

"Yeah so," I told Hubby on the drive home. "We're SOOO not going to Death Valley. Camping is rough."

"You think that is roughing it?" he asked incredulously.


Told Mom the sad news later that I wouldn't be going to DV with her, all she said was, "I had the feeling you'd not go." Hmph.

Since I was too tired to drive, I took the Metrolink from SD to LA. It was nice having not to drive and the peoplewatching is fun. Will blog more about the Roar & Snore and train trip later, with pics. Even though I was a total noob and initially almost boarded an Amtrak train that I later found was bound for like Louisiana (luckily did not get on that one), it was very interesting experience.

Spent a nice evening with my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law (Bimpina). Bimpina was lamenting the fact that he was having trouble getting along with his brother's wife.

"Aren't you glad that I'm the nice sister in-law?" I asked him while he lounged on the edge of an armchair, balancing himself precariously.

"Why yes..."

I then poked him on the forehead gently with my finger, startling him, which caused him to fall onto the seat of the chair.

I know, I'm so mean but it was funny.

* * *

In other news, I've been trying to think a feature I can regularly write on DSD that I'm fairly good at. I thought about recipes (but I don't cook). Politics? Nah. How about book reviews? That's a possibility. So look for more book reviews in the future, dear readers.

I think i'm probably rambling now. A friend, White Barbarian, went to Taiwan and I am posting a few of his pics (ok just one for now). Yummy!