Dim Sum Diaries
So the upcoming months of March and April shall be packed with communing with Nature related activities.

Next Friday we'll be headed for a Roar & Snore at the Wild Animal Park, in which we rough it outside with tents and sleeping bags amongst the animals. Sounds rustic, till I added my own personal touch of upgrading to the luxe package. Sleeping bags are provided, mini-bar and fridge, heater, captains chairs and a premium view of the park.

And the camping thing at Joshua Tree? Has been changed to camping at Death Valley. DEATH VALLEY??? But have already committed myself and family to endeavor, so too late to back out now. As Hubby and I took a walk through the city park after brunch this morning, we discussed this latest development.

"I suppose we can't back out of camping now, can we? And why did Aunt G book at Death Valley? Because it was empty and JT was full! Nobody wants to camp at Death Valley," I grumbled.

"Joshua Tree is booked full because of the rock climbers," Hubby replied equably.

"There is a reason why Psalm 23 has that verse: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.... I'm pretty sure they were talking about DEATH VALLEY. Ooh look...organic food store! Let's go take a looksy!"

After shopping for awhile, we return to the park to continue the stroll.

"We'll have to bring a lot of water, remind me to go to Costco to get a few flats," Hubby said. "Hiking is hard work."

"Hiking? Nay, I will be under my huge umbrella and floppy hat, thinking about the meaning of life and writing in my notebook."

He snorted. "What could be more glorious then conquering nature? Standing on top of a mountain you've just climbed, arms spread and shouting to the heavens, "LIGHTNING IS THE FUNDAMENTAL FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE!!""

"And on that note," I said, pointedly ignoring him, "We should get home, I need to finish the laundry."

"I thought we were here to hike and get some exercise," Hubby protested.

"Your organic Scharffenberger chocolate is going to melt if we stay here much longer."

There was a tiny pause, then, "CHILDREN, ITS TIME TO GO!!" Hubby yelled.