Dim Sum Diaries
Oy, been awhile since I've posted. Just getting over a cold and work has been busy (always a good thing). Celebrated birthday by giving myself a spa day (massage) and getting my hair done. Hair is now a fiery Irish red (goodbye 3 white hairs)! Okay, its just highlights, but its still cool. Also bought myself these shoes (see inset) based on Alex's recommendation. The older we get, the more girly...hmmm

Also, I've been trying to think of any recipes that I could post to the blog. Mother-in-Law recently shared this one with me, and it turned out rather well! So I'm sharing it with my dear readers. Its very hearty and easy to make. The kids even ate most of it (after some motherly persuasion)!

Moz's Easy Peasy Corned Beef (Hash) and Cabbage:

1 head of cabbage, coarsely chopped into bits
1 can of tomato soup
10.75 oz of water (I just fill soup can full of water after I empty soup contents)
1-2 cans of corned beef hash (depending on how much you want to use, mother-in-law used 2 cans, I used 1 can of the reduced fat/sodium one)
Few dashes Worchester sauce

Large sauteeing pot/pan thingy (I used my Le Creuset pot)

You pretty much put everything into pot at once, mix it all up and simmer on low until the cabbage cooks down (about 30 minutes), stirring periodically. It goes well w/ a baguette or any type of bread you want to use and was a hit w/ Hubby and the kids.

BTW, did I mention I was skydiving on April 15? I will blog more about that later...