Dim Sum Diaries
Okay, now it is 3 am pst and I can't sleep at all. My mind keeps racing about a lot of things. First and foremost seems to be the big news that Saddam was executed. I mean I vaguely knew that Saddam was on trial, but I didn't really pay attention, assuming that somehow the whole process would be similar to Slobodan Milosevic's trial at The Hague, taking a long ass time to complete and he'd be locked up in some tiny cell somewhere till the end of time. Apparently I was wrong.

12/29/06 seemed so surreal, with CNN.com and MSNBC.com blaring headlines of SADDAM EXECUTION IMMENINT AT 10 PM EST. At the moment (6:30 pm pst) I checked the clock and I was like holy crap, less then half an hour away! Were they really going to do it like RIGHT THEN??? I was playing WoW at the time and periodically alt-tabbed to check the news sites if it had been done. Sure enough at 7:20ish pst (I think around then), MSNBC.com was the first site I checked that announced Hussein was dead. It took CNN.com a good 5-10 minutes later to update. Many I talked to online were happy that he was dead. Not that I disagree that he was a horrible man, but the swiftness, method and the relish with which they executed him...somehow so violent, so macabre.

It seems upsetting to me mostly because it brings back feelings of how I felt back when this war first started. Anger and a sense of helplessness...

I don't know anymore.